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Alex Athanassoulas: Re-elected as the president of SBC Greece.

On Monday, May 15, the Ordinary General Assembly of SBC Greece took place, hosted by ALUMIL at its headquarters. A large number of members participated in the General Assembly and it was prefaced by Dr. Evangelos Lyroudias, Alumil Advisor and former president of the Panhellenic Union of Architects. At the inauguration of the General Assembly, the new […]


ΧΡΗΜΑ: Alex’s Interview

How we Create True Prosperity. What does True Prosperity mean to you?  I’ll tell you what it it is and what it is not so that I am perfectly clear. True Prosperity is found in the set of goals that together create the ideal environment that we all desire. It is the combination of organic growth, sustainable […]


Greece is the Destination: Alex’s Article

Alex Athanassoulas: Progress can’t be stopped. If not enhanced by us, however, it will simply move past us, ignore us! Greece is the Destination is an initiative by Energizing Greece which focuses on bringing together people from different industries and sectors to support and promote the brand of ‘Greece’ and to transform it into a global destination for […]