StirixisGroup2A very prestigious recognition was awarded to Stirixis Group CEO, Alex Athanassoulas, who was recognized as the Best CEO in the Retail Property Development Industry 2015 for his contribution in growth, profitability and sustainability of retail businesses. Stirixis Group was also given the Best Interior Designer 2015 award for concepts in the field of retail, catering and workplaces by the European CEO awards, for the second consecutive year.  Alexander Athanassoulas, STIRIXIS Group CEO and an eminent speaker at international conferences on successful concepts through Systems Thinking, said: “This double award is a great honor for our excellent team and an international recognition of our sincere effort and commitment to design and deliver to our clients the best foundations for growth and profitability of their business ideas.”

The prestigious international European CEO Awards, organized by the European CEO magazine, identify and reward companies and CEOs individually that distinguish in their industry and contribute decisively to the improvement of the business world internationally. The magazine wrote about Stirixis Group: “With an outstanding eye and record for designing and implementing commercial property offices, Stirixis Group leads the field with a number of ongoing projects.”  These two awards are yet another acknowledgment for Stirixis that has received 7 international awards over the past 3 years. With its extroversion, innovative business approach and 20 years of international experience, Stirixis’ team has proven that even in the most challenging times there are always opportunities for those who offer real value and contribute to a dynamic European economy.  8th Forum CEO Clubs Greece