More than 100 professionals attended the Future of Work Conference in Athens, Greece, to discuss what this future entails and how we can proactively shape the future of work that we envision.

Alex started his speech by addressing a subject that many of the previous speakers had mentioned: our ‘Resistance to Change’. “Allow me to be controversial”, he said. “There is NO resistance to change”.

He continued: “If I were to stop you in the street and offer 10 million dollars, which would definitely change your life, would you resist”. A unanimous “no” echoed. “Therefore” Alex said, “it is not about resistance, it’s about the change itself. What is that change? What narrative have you created around it? What’s in it for me? These are the questions that, when not addressed meticulously, give rise to this well-known resistance to change”.

“How can we. then, encourage up and re-skilling in a way that doesn’t sound like a burden? How can we reduce the fear that the future of work induces and focus instead on creating the right environment for positive change to occur?”

This is what we study at STIRIXIS when designing workplaces that future-proof your business and create the right environment for change to happen.

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