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Non-Executive Board Membership

Alex offers non-executive board membership to organizations active in his fields or expertise.  Having an external and independent expert on your business is important.  Alex, an internationally awarded CEO in Retail Development and with more than 20 years of experience in 20 countries, will help you successfully review, define and validate your strategy and business ideas.

Alex is an experienced business person who has helped a number of companies find their feet, survive and even thrive through some tough times.  As a non-executive director Alex will not work with the company full time, but will focus on the Big Picture and innovative ways to move forward.  Alex will also will ensure that all board members are aware and acknowledging constant changes in the environment (economic, socio-political etc) and implementing a systemic adaptive strategy to deal with this. Having seen changes sweep over the business sector in the past he will be able to advise, with confidence, the direction it may go and how you can place yourselves to achieve success.

Contact Alex to further investigate availability and explain how your business can benefit from his expertise.