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Public Speaking

Alexander is a unique Keynote speaker and a visionary of Sustainable Growth and Prosperity in the Business world.  His main topics are:

  1. “Successful and Sustainable Business Growth through Systems Thinking”
  2. “Retail Development – What really creates valuable customer experiences and how to create and sustain success” and
  3. “Human Systems and Customer Loyalty – How to increase your Profitability, increase your Agility and Flourish through efficient Systemic Mechanisms”

are based on years of experience and research and on materials collected for his upcoming book “True Prosperity”.

An out-of-the-box and forward thinking approach to overcoming any and all obstacles in your way by applying Systems Thinking and tools, is naturally and inspiringly explained by Alex, who leaves the audience captivated. In his presentations Alex not only explains the innovative strategies and tools he uses with the company he works with, but also the wisdom of Systems Thinking and its limitless applications in all things we do, his approach will empower and motivate any person, company or organization to excel.

Alex Speaking at CEO Club’s “Crafting a new Myth” Event in 2022.

Alex is an impressive public speaker that will not only keep the audience’s attention for the whole duration but will create to all the desire to change and re-think the way we view our work and life altogether; his enthusiasm is highly contagious… Alex conducts high-content, personalized presentations and workshops. He speaks to management groups, business owners, companies and professional associations and his primary goals is the advancement of his client and client satisfaction.