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Retail- and Management-Consulting

E-everything, competition, inflation, new rules, and high market volatility are the main features of today’s business world.

The retail market is one that is traditionally fast to adapt to meet the demands of their clients. However, it is currently in crisis, because two things are happening at the same time: 1. The accelerated pace of change brings with it an influx of daily ‘urgent’ challenges that must be addressed. At the same time, new technologies, new trends and a new generation of retail shoppers are causing structural changes in the industry, requiring an urgent transformation. In this context, retail owners tend to focus on the urgent challenges that come up, sacrificing in the meantime the opportunity to create a long-term vision… and reach True Prosperity. Why do they do this? Analytical Thinking. Seeing challenges in silos and addressing them in that way too, result in many, unconnected puzzle pieces that put the business at risk as they hurt its resilience, agility and market strength. The solution?  Zooming out to create a holistic strategy for the future, which will then inform the everyday solutions that you provide to your business. In short, business problems are nowadays complex and they require a holistic approach with a solid theoretical background yet practicality, speed and decisiveness. They require Systems Thinking and Slalom Skills.

Alex helps organizations, mostly operating in Retail (Stores, Hospitality, F&B, Banking, etc.) , through consulting, to improve their performance, through identifying existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement. Having completed with his firm STIRIXIS Group more than 500 different projects in Retail and from Scandinavia to the UAE, there is a vast experience and cross-functional expertise he possesses.  But Alex has also passed through all the stages of Retail business development, from Strategy, Market Analysis and Trade area Analysis, to construction and operations.  The Systems Thinking tools he has designed, help also to ensure long standing sustainability and growth.  Alex and his team do not base their solutions on best practices like most Management Consulting Gurus and Firms do.  In a complex environment, multi-parameter remedies are never repeatable or have the same results.  Businesses are unique.  Their organizations change not only minute by minute but depending on the view point the consultant has.  Only if the whole system is optimized to produce the desired output and trained to sustain its performance, is consulting successful.

Alex also provides a wider range service scope with interim management solutions, turnaround managementrestructuring and process-reengineering projects, organizational change management consulting, strategy development and operational improvement services. Through his own proprietary methodologies or frameworks Alex guides the identification of problems, and forms the basis for recommendations for more effective or efficient ways of performing work tasks.