Alex Athanassoulas as a keynote speaker at the 1st ROFMA Workplace Design and Management Forum.

It was by all means a great event! ROFMA, the Romanian Facility and Workplace Management association, launched its first FORUM. It’s topic was “Managing and designing the workplace of the future”.  More than 100 professionals gathered at the Novotel Bucharest on the 16/4/2019 to meet and discuss with global experts.  Alex Athanassoulas, was the keynote speaker and a panelist among other international experts from Romania, UK and Austria.

Alex presented the systemic approach in creating workplaces that maximize RoI.  This know-how is built from 25 years of research and more than 150 office projects of STIRIXIS Group, many awarded, in 3 continents.  A long Q&A session and discussion among participants, rendered the Forum a huge success. During this period everybody shared further knowledge and insights.   Alex fused workplace and HR design trends to effectively showcase the design model that ensures Engagement, Collaboration, Flexibility and Commitment.

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