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Systems Thinking and Agility in Business

It is true that most of the problems and dead-ends we meet in our business life are a result of analytical thinking.  Examining parts of a business in-situ, separated from its environment and inter-dependencies leads inevitably to incorrect decisions and not rarely to serious mistakes.  Systems Thinking provides a holistic view of the business, not only by defining the inter-dependencies and interactions of its parts but also by unrevealing the emergent values and synergies that are created through these bonds.

Systems thinking is also the theoretical background on which business agility is built on.  Agility enables businesses to adapt rapidly to the ever changing business environment. In this way, it is imperative to be agile in order to survive and to grow, in other words to sustain the concept and proposition of the business alive. Agility  incorporates ideas like flexibility, feedback, balance, shared vision, adaptability, and coordination under one umbrella. The agile enterprise is referring to an organization that utilizes key principles of complex adaptive systems and complexity science to achieve success.

It in only during the last years that forward-thinking entrepreneurs and business-intellectuals have revealed the value of the above ideas to the modern business which is striving in a chaotic environment.  Alex has studied Systems Thinking and Agility and has created a set of tools that help organizations turn these concepts into reality and at the same tine manage the change throughout this process.  As true believer of the advantages of Learning Organizations, Alex creates a platform that is self-sustainable, self-organizing and feedback-driven so as to strengthen the business from within and create a value core that will empower all parts to align their processes to achieve sustainability.