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“Alexander Athanassoulas, President and Managing Director of STIRIXIS SA is a trusted service provider of Imperial Tobacco Hellas SA. He and his team always provide us a complete proposal/solution for each requested project, in line with our companyʼs strategy and targets. All completed projects are innovative, attractive to our customers and characterized by their top quality. Alexander is passionate about his work and a true supporter of “Systems Thinking”, an approach which is reflected to whatever he undertakes and deals with. In this context he was invited as a guest speaker to our company’s “Annual Conference for Managers”, where his presentation on “Systems Thinking” by all means stipulated our people great enthusiasm and challenged them to view things differently, acknowledging a new dimension of success.”

February 7, 2011
Ketty Hatzianagnostou
HR Manager, Imperial Tobacco


“I worked with Alexander in a project he undertook for our mutual client at the time. Alexander is a client-focused individual who displayed professionalism throughout the duration of the project and diligently responded to all our requests to ensure that the project was completed on time and within budget, and in accordance with the client’s expectations.”

February 17, 2012
Antonis Slicher
Senior Project Manager at Atkins, United Arab Emirates

“Alexander is a results based manager, placing high emphasis on timely delivery of projects not compromising quality and outputs. He was able to effectively coordinate a skilled team, discharge a core project on behalf on UNHCR Greece, and further achieved to deliver agreed objectives under a very tight time- frame. Overall, the project was delivered quite efficiently, responding to HCR’s increased needs and specificity vis- a- vis requirements and demands, be it time or security wise, while he demonstrated expert knowledge, high integrity and creativity.

October 5, 2011
Eleni Effrosyni Spentzou
SAFA Admin./ Finance Unit at United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Greece

“Alexandros Athanassoulas, President and Managing Director of STIRIXIS SA, stands for “nothing is impossible”. His innovative, no-limits way of thinking fits perfectly with the company’s action for cost-efficient, on time, on target, top qualitative and high standard work. It is obvious that passion for excellence runs in his blood, and trust results that his work becomes a collaboration and not an assignment.”

July 1, 2011
John Koufogeorgas,
Managing Director, Würth Hellas, Greece

Alexander will always deliver; innovative in his work, gifted with out-of-the-box thinking, yet accurate, always on target and taking full ownership of the task entrusted to him. Has organized his company in an excellent way to reflect his own personalitry in creativeness and integrity.”

May 10, 2011
Manolis Mitsou
Titan Cement Company, Albania

A larger than life person, VERY intelligent, can really help in checking the viability of your business ideas. Quick, practical thinker, knows his stuff, it is well worth discussing business with him – whether you are considering to hire Stirixis or not. Plus, there’s a good chance that you will also really enjoy meeting him.”

May 4, 2011
Yannis Anastasiadis
Lime Café, F&B, Greece

“Mr Alexandros Athanassoulas President and Managing Director of STIRIXIS SA is a successful businessman, who has brought to praxis his deep beliefs about systemic thinking. In this context he and his high performing team deliver tailor made projects for their customers, taking into consideration the holistic systemic approach from the strategies of the customers’ companies to the design/execution and implementation of the project.

As an expert and deep believer in systemic thinking Mr. Athanassoulas was invited last October to be one of the guest speakers of the fourth Forum of the CEO club in Greece, which had as subject ‘how to build a successful Learning Organization “.

His presentation on systemic thinking had a great impact to the audience and was one of the basic parameters of the Forum’s success

John Kotis”

February 7, 2011
1st John Kotis, Vice President, CEO Clubs Greece

“Alexander is a passionate manager and full-service provider. I had the chance to see him at work with some of his best clients when he involved me to support his construction projects with shopper insights, gathered through the observation of shopping environments and their relationship with visitors. He thoroughly supports both his clients and service providing partners with the aim of delivering the best tailor made project. He develops and builds solid relationships and is well respected among both his clients and his staff. I highly recommend Alexander and his team for his commitment, challenging professionalism and positive as well as human attitude.”

December 14, 2010
Manuela Sacco, International Coordinator, Envirosell Europe (Milan, Italy)

“Alex is one solid and reliable business partner. Full of ideas, thirsty for learning and certainly a systems thinker. Open minded, driven and determined when it comes to meeting his targets. Definitely someone worth working and socializing with.”

December 6, 2010
Sotiris Chatzidakis, Chief Executive Officer, CEO Clubs SE Europe

“Alexander Athanasoulas is an excellent professional in his field, hard working, finding solutions to all problems that may occur. He has a stong personality, high values, customer respect and sense of responsibility.

I strongly recommend a collaboration with him personally and his company.”

October 31, 2009
Maria Orologa, Assistant Managing Director, MINERVA PHARMACEUTICAL, Greece.