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Alex speaks at TITAN Cement’s annual event for post graduate student

FIS_3211smallOn the 27th of November 2015, Alex was invited to be one of the four speakers at the annual event of TITAN Cement for postgraduate students and executives.   The event took place at Titan’s Kamari factory auditorium and was attended from more than 300 participants.  This years topic was “navigating the new workforce market – reality and potential”, and Alex explained his view on how the market changes and how young professionals must adapt to current organization needs.

Alex had the opportunity to elaborate on how the awarded STIRIXIS Group operates with three layers of freelancers, a structure that is agile and effective and was noted in Microsoft’s case study for STIRIXIS group a few years ago.   Alex also explained how Systems Thinking is crucial to navigate the white waters of the market nowadays and why large organizations must change to become agile.  You can find the full Press Release of Titan Cement here.


European CEO Awards name Alex Athanassoulas as Best European CEO 2015 in Retail Development Industry.

A very prestigious recognition was awarded to Stirixis Group CEO, Alex Athanassoulas, who was recognized as the Best CEO in the Retail Property Development Industry 2015 for his contribution in growth, profitability and sustainability of retail … [Continue reading]

Customer experience is everything in business. Here is why…

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3 Great lessons I learned in Leadership and Management from the Greek crisis…

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Customer Experience #CX and neurosciense…

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Alex at the 9th Sustainability Forum and Awards of Ethos Media

Sustainability has become crucial for all companies worldwide, and it is related to the way a company develops its business model and strategic approach. Ethos Media organized the 9th Sustainability Forum & Awards with title “The Essence of … [Continue reading]

Five crucial notes on Customer Experience and its Design

Well, we said it many times... Customer Experience (CX) Design, if expertly done, can lead you to not only impressive profitability but to an agile and sustainable way of doing meaningful business long term. But when you do invest - and you … [Continue reading]

My LinkedIn profile… Let’s connect!

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Speech on International Development at the American College of Greece

Alex was invited at the yearly Business Week of the American College of Greece to give a speech on International Development and on the strategy to go global that successfully took STIRIXIS to 22 countries up to now. The speech was attended by an … [Continue reading]

4 Reasons Customer Experience is the (only) way to a safe harbor!

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